New realities are changing the way we play together.

Senior AR Unity Engineer

Tenjue’s passion for game development started in high school, which led to an MBA and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas.

As a solo developer, Tenjue’s passion for game development has led to industry-level proficiency, from scripting to modeling and rigging. Starting from the old days of XNA framework, now he works his magic in Unity Engine.

His proficiency in unity doesn’t end only with games, as Tenjue has created applications used in the dental industry, which require extreme precision, and music visualizers for deaf people that extract unique information from the music. On the international stage, Tenjue has developed AR golf driving range deployments in Saudi Arabia for their Riyadh Seasons Festival.

He excels in prototyping, bringing creative visions to reality, and acting as a bridge between the tech and art team to streamline the workflow. This versatility makes Tenjue a formidable jack-of-all-trades at Animal Repair Shop, bringing new elevated gameplay to our cutting-edge experiences.

ARS turtle