Games transform players into heroes.

Interaction Designer

Richard is a puzzle and game designer who combines his passion for storytelling and game theory with a love for mathematics and analysis.

Beginning his career in academia as an advanced mathematics professor, Richard developed high-level courses that included cross-curricular seminars in journalism, game theory and cryptography.

His online video series and blog Atomic Game Theory analyzed game theory in tabletop and computer games, and he gave presentations at PAX Dev, GenCon and PAX South.

He’s designed codebreaking challenges for everything from the launch of the movie Tomb Raider, live interactive crime-solving mysteries, and RPGs and board games like Betrayal at the House On The Hill: Widow’s Walk and Phoenix: Dawn Command,

Richard brings to Animal Repair Shop a unique blend of skill sets that encompass creative writing, puzzle creation and playtesting, and game development and analysis, to create the best possible player experience.

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