All art tells a story.

Vice President Visual Design

Johnny sets the high bar for visual design of Animal Repair Shop’s immersive experiences, working with key members of the team for over 15 years. He leads a diverse visual design team responsible for online, print, mobile, environmental, branding and collectible graphic design. Johnny’s past work includes being part of the founding team of Disney Online, where he led design efforts across the entire Disney ecosystem—from Buena Vista Television to Disney Interactive to Hollywood Records, and more. He was also instrumental in the launch of the ahead-of-its-time subscription content platform: Disney’s Blast.

Following his work at Disney, Johnny was recruited by the award-winning advertising agency Trik Media to lead the art direction efforts of its global brands, and later became a founding member of the cutting-edge interactive studio 3 Pin Media—a consultancy group and content creator for all of Hollywood’s major studios. Most recently, he’s served as 42 Entertainment’s head of visual design on ground-breaking projects with clients ranging from Xbox, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Activision, and more.

Outside of Animal Repair Shop, Johnny is also known as KMNDZ, a signature artist in LA’s pop surrealist art scene whose work stands on its own as storytelling vehicles.

ARS humming-bird