The difficult I'll do right now.
The impossible will take a little while.

Lead AR Engineer

Hunter brings twenty-five years of experience in game design and development – including card and board games, console and mobile, quirky indie to major IP, cutting edge hybrid physical/digital toys, and augmented reality experiences. His games have been downloaded millions of times around the globe, and have been hailed in coverage from OXM, Kotaku, Giant Bomb, MTV, and the Major Nelson podcast.

During eight years with The Walt Disney Company, Hunter helped innovate tech-enabled projects that combined physical toys with digital gameplay. He was Lead Engineer and Designer on the companion app for Playmation Avengers, a unique combination of smart action figures, wearable controllers, and app-driven adventures. For the award-winning Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, Hunter was Lead Engineer and Co-Designer for multiple games on a cutting-edge AR headset, one of the first on the consumer market in 2017.

Most recently, Hunter led development of tools, demos, and prototypes for Niantic’s Outdoor AR Headset and WB’s Harry Potter Magic Caster Wand.

As part of the ARS team, Hunter wants to create games and experiences that change the world!

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