Experience matters.

Chief Creative Officer

As Chief Creative Officer, Alex is re-defining digital and real-world play. He is a pioneer and world leader in experience design, combining narrative, game, interaction, physical space and digital to push the boundaries of immersion.

From dispatching scores of Batman fans across the globe to find phones buried inside Joker-themed cakes, to leading Nine Inch Nails fans through a dilapidated warehouse for an ultra-secret performance, to sending Call of Duty players across its diverse gaming ecosystem — Alex tirelessly searches for new ways to weave audiences into fiction. Trusted with the world’s most valuable intellectual property, his approach to world building is rooted in innovation, connection, and authenticity.

Prior to putting together this amazing team, Alex was the founder and Chief Creative of 3Pin Media, serving clients like Al Gore (Current TV), Microsoft, Warner Brothers, Boeing, ESPN, Nickelodeon, ABC and Disney. He also served as Vice President of Creative at Lightspan Inc. working on innovative learning solutions, and was a founding member of Disney Online.

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