Dream it, build it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, then upgrade it.

Senior AR Unity Engineer

With over a decade of experience in game creation, Jesse brings hard skills with multiple development platforms, as well as a deep understanding of core gameplay methodologies and theory.

Jesse’s professional career started with a traditional engineering degree, working with various industries, ranging from filtration to solar panel manufacturing.

Moving to China in 2009 spurred Jesse’s passion for game development. He began using the Unity game engine from its early stages, starting with mobile, and later specializing in creating early experiences for the burgeoning fields of VR & AR.

Prominent companies like Warner Bros. and Hasbro have looked to Jesse to provide prototypes and engineering for their games, in both digital and physical product lines. Jesse has also worked with over a dozen smaller studios, in many different capacities, to bring their experiences to life.

With a passion for what real-time software engines can do to streamline processes both in gaming and industries beyond, Jesse’s focus has been about problem-solving and innovation, and ultimately using those tools to deliver great experiences for audiences.

ARS mini-dachshund