Technology uniquely enables story.

Senior Full Stack Engineer

As a software engineer, Jason likes to focus on visual communication. His work has spanned from Department of Defense contractors to innovative startups.

Starting his career at Referentia System Incorporated as an intern and team lead, Jason then moved to Contix, where he worked on a financial intelligence system that applied machine learning and human intelligence to analyze Twitter and other social media platforms for news items that were likely to move the stock price; later at MeetingSift, he worked on tools to foster meeting productivity. Staying in the realm of facilitating in-person experiences with cutting-edge software, his next stop was Hobnob, where he worked on the backend of a mobile application that allows users to effortlessly create beautiful, mobile-first invitations.

At Animal Repair Shop, Jason works on the backend systems that power immersive games and experiences, connecting the digital and physical world in new and exciting ways.

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