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AR Engineer

Graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in June 2021 with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Game Design & Development, El has rapidly entered the world of interactive design with an impressive skill set.

While at VCU, El created the university’s first and only game development student organization, hosting weekly meetings that encourage the spirit of game development and personal growth of the members, including game jam events in which people create a game in 48 hours.

Early independent projects allowed El to work on various unique game mechanics – from rhythm and fighting games, to VR horror experiences – as well as research projects like developing artificial intelligence to learn how to play a game and mimic behaviors of real players, and research about game balancing practices within the industry.

Most recently El worked with Shockoe Mobile by Design on a commercial AR experience where he communicated directly with stakeholders to gather software requirements and user stories, ultimately deploying the experience in 30,000 stores across the US.

ARS flamingo